About Us - The Gummi

JOEY VAN RYAN is a COLORFUL ENIGMA of a clothing brand that will satisfy your GUMMI cravings. 

Launched in 2018, the Dallas based brand is prominent for its color and print dominant approach in "trendy to wear" apparel.

JOEY VAN RYAN is focused on ideal fashion pieces that are created for comfort, confidence, and bold statements. Those who said playful prints are for youths are seriously disturbed. JOEY VAN RYAN is designed with love for all. A combination of pop culture, youthfulness and thrive of color are the ingredients behind the famous GUMMI logo for the brand. 

JOEY VAN RYAN’S collections and creations bring humor, life and excitement to the person wearing the clothes. Delivering fashion-popping concepts and iconic gummi prints is only the start of this brand’s journey.

We welcome you to enjoy our clothing and be a part of this growing fashion brand.